Learning with Razp, Mandarin Chinese Vol 1 is a rechargeable interactive early language education book that uses an extremely lightweight electronic interface to provide fun and easy audio translations of beginner vocabulary. Learning with Razp, Mandarin Chinese was created to help a child begin and build his/her first words in Chinese. This easy to follow picture-word talking book is written in both English and simplified Chinese, which includes both pinyin spelling along with Chinese characters. Children learn best with visuals and listening and can be taught to be bilingual at a very young age. Children should learn another language as early as possible. This book contains many everyday objects, animals, numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables, instruments, transportation, songs, body parts, and expressions that children will see and hear. Help children reinforce vocabulary by pointing to real-life objects at home or anywhere else. If parents, teachers, or caregivers do not speak Chinese, one will be able to learn alongside the child, help to teach, and give him/her a starting foundation of encouragement to work with. Learning with Razp, Mandarin Chinese Vol 1 was designed to help parents and their children learn vocabulary together as a bonding family experience, and learning as a family is always fun. Have fun learning together with RAZP!

Learning with Razp: Mandarin Chinese vol.1, Release Date: December 10th, 2020

SKU: 9781734045208