Frequently asked questions

Is Learning with RAZP book rechargeable?

Learning with RAZP book is rechargeable. USB charger is included with book purchase.

What is the warranty for Learning with RAZP book?

Learning with RAZP Mandarin Chinese book has a six month Warranty. For details, please click here. For longer Warrenty, please contact customer service for options and fees.

Charging Learning with Razp book is taking a long time

In general, it should take anywhere from 3-5 hours to fully charge your Learning with Razp book via a USB cord connected to your outlet, computer or via Adapter (wall adapter- sold separately) accessory. However, if you are charging with a USB cord and your computer goes to sleep, Learning with Razp will suspend charging until the computer is "awake" again. You can disable the sleep mode in your computer while charging to ensure the device continues to charge while you are away from your computer. Additionally, charging Learning with Razp should not exceeds 4 hours.